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  Honey is a great gift from our nature. As a honey importer and wholesaler, Wildbee Nutrition USA Group Inc. commits to provide our customers the highest quality and taste of organic and conventional pure natural honey since 2003. To guarantee the unadulterated and pure variety of our honeys, Wildbee only trades with the honey producers which possess strict quality control and meet the USDA and FDA standards. Currently, we imported honey from such trusted beekeepers in New Zealand, Australia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Each year, our honey products are mainly exported to Europe, Asia, and the U.S., where we have been building our sales and distribution network.
For supporting the growth of both domestic and foreign markets for honey and honey products, as well as to promote healthy living, we are the member of

                                 Organic Trade Association
                     National Honey Packers and Dealers Association
                 Western States Honey Packers and Dealers Association
                           California State Beekeepers Association
                     National Association for the Specialty Food Trade

At Wildbee, we work hard to deliver the best honey and health products to people. We appreciate the bees; we appreciate the nature; and we appreciate your business!