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Polarmetrics¨ vIRtuous analyzer is based on proven FTIR spectroscopy. This multi-component, non-destructive technique eliminates the time, preparation, and high cost required associated with other analytical techniques. The vIRtuous analyzer also eliminates the need for consumables which saves both money and instrument down time. Instrument features include:
,Rapid results (under 5 minutes and 30 times faster than GC)
,No need to derivitize ordilute samples
,Built in sample conditioner for temperature stabilization
,Small form factor
,Easy-to-use with little to no training
,Low power consumption
,Proven methodology
Your Total Solution for Analyzing Economically
Motivated Adulterated Foods & Beverages
Authenticity is especially important for a number o high quality pr fruit juices to flavorings. Adulterations of food for economic benefit have become a major concern. be proactive in stopping this fraud and mislabeling products, easy-to-u deployed along with collaborative efforts within th ensure consumer safety and protect product integrit Polar your product quality. With FTIR at are guaranteed with quick, accurate, and precise re your ingredients with eachanalysis. The uniquely vIRtuous analyzer comes with a starter
calibration, stabilization simple sampling, and push bu small and portable package.
Polarmetrics vIRtuous Honey Analyzer
  1. Complete vIRtuous FTIR honey analyzer.
       ,FTIR Analyzer Unit
       ,Integrated temperature controlled ATR Sampling device (diamond single bounce)
       ,Integrated sample heater
       ,72 test tubes
       ,Integrated Aspire Acer computer
       ,vIRtuous ^Easy Step ̄ Software
       ,2010 Honey Calibration for detection of Rice, Beet, Corn, Tapioca and Cane syrups
       ,Cleaning swabs and solvent flask
       ,All power supplies, cords and cables
       ,Laminated Easy Step guide and user manual
       ,12 month complete warranty*
Notes : Customer must provide isopropyl alcohol for sample cleaning
                Customer responsible for any applicable sales tax, duties and shipping costs
               Polarmetrics must be notified of End-User and address for support and configuration reasons
               Outside USA Payment Terms: 50% payment required with Purchase Order, Remaining 50% required at time
               of shipment (All quoted items are in US Dollars)

*Warranty : All repairs require customer to ship instrument to Polarmetrics Corporation, USA
                        Calibration and software updates can be provided to customer via e-mail or mail
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